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Abs’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Jun 2007


Rob and I were gonna go to Bristol today. Originally for me to go to a study day/course thingy on A Special Interest in Paediatric Resuscitation (I have a special interest = mainly that Ill know what to do for the poor little bugger if Im involved!!!). Rob and I were going together because his cousin Sarah and Mike have just had twins!! Ella and Alice are their names. So we thought we might visit them all as well.
But when I woke up this morning and was supposed to jump out of bed and get in the shower I thought to myself - I dont really want to go today. It is just too much. we have been running around like lunatics for ages. Talking about it last night Rob and I have been actually missing each other for the whole 12 months we have been together. Or, if we are together we are always trying to do everything. So I canned it. And Rob and I slept for a bit longer (the alarm went off at 450am).

In other news I have 2 12 hour day shifts this weekend, which will be interesting... Better than nights though I think!

Work rang me yesterday and decided it would be funny to let me know that I apparently owed them 105 hours work. As in I would either have to work 105 hours without getting paid or have it taken out of my pay in the next coming months. I was devastated to say the least but then actually = they had calculated it wrong. Not a surprise really, not a nice thing really. My heart was in my throat and I still dont feel like they actually know what they are doing. Doesnt allow for much faith in them really does it? Leanne agrees with me when she said maybe they should work it out with me before actually ringing me at home.

Bobbo has started taking the train to work which means woo hoo! I have a car (Steve is his name) to drive around in. It's so good to have that freedom.

Love to all.