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Abs’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Jun 2007

MapThe sun is out this morning... But more rain on the way. Am starting to whinge again!! Oh no!

Apparently every Summer they always have Monsoon weather and then they have really nice clear skies... I feel a bit crap coz it's like it's winter again with dark skies and rain etc. So I cant wait for this "heat wave" that should be expected after all this rain.

In other news I now have a visa (have I said that on here already?) I think it's playing with my mind because I am all confused about it really. On one hand thank god the Home Office had the sense to aprrove me to stay in the country. But on the other hand now I have to apply for leave to remain and pay some more money and wait for my passport to come back to me and then I can stay.
As Rob said it doesnt mean I have to anyway. Phew. Coz I have to have choices hey? Otherwise I might go something something...

This weekend Clarissa is coming to stay Saturday night - do do do do do do do do! Friday is Liz's birthday. Im doing an agency Recovery shift that day from 830 till 2 in the arvo and then there is a bbq here Friday night for Liz's birthday which should be good. Not sure who is coming yet. Hope it doesnt rain.

Am waiting to be put on the roster for work after next week - so many things are happening at work that I just feel arent being finished/done properly. Like my job/contract isnt really real at the moment I dont think. I feel like Im a halfway man.

In other news, Cousin Lauren is coming to England next month which will be great. And I think she is gonna come stay here.

Love Ab. xoxox