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Abs’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Jul 2007

MapHi guys. Have got another 6 month contract in a&e so that's good. means I dont have to look for another job too.

Got up early with Rob this morning and went to gym which was good. Then we drove into Sheffield together - Rob to work and me to have a look at a sports shop near Rob's work. Saw some pretty cool shoes - there was only 1 pair that I actually liked enough to buy (not that I got em yet). I feel like there is seriously a gap in the market for active wear for women who like to wear clothes that - dont show your tummy, - breathe and dont show the sweat (or at least try), - have low waist line (cos it's ok if you are 50 to wear things up around your boobs but not if you're 25!) etc. Also, I found the shoes I was looking at really boring. The coolest Merrel trainers have a limish green stripe on them. Nothing else. The others were grey and brown and poo looking.
But, all that being said they are mostly for walking and in this weather you need poo color shoes cos that's the colour of the mud and ground at the minute.

Flash floods are expected in another part of the country today. Hopefully doesnt happen around here like last month. There are still people living in caravans and stuff in Hull and Sheffield.

Best be off to the dentist now!!

Have something really cool to look forward to - Me and Lauren might be heading off to Rome in 2 weeks for a few days to stay with one of her friends. Sounds bloody brilliant to me!!

Love and miss everyone

Ab. xoxoxo