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Abs’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 02 Aug 2005

Location: Cambridge, UK

MapWell. After a very rocky start, I am in Cambridge with Danni, Lexi and some Nursing friends. It's lovely here with Kings College, and lots of young people and tourists about. The weather, on the other hand is something like our Aussie Winters, but I did expect it to be quite cool (and it has been!!). Danni, Lexi and I leave for Paris on the 5th of August for the weekend, and none of us have seen any of it before so should be a great trip. Im having a lot of trouble with my Nursing at the moment, the UK Nursing Agencies need a UK Police Check for every different place you want to work. So, apparently that's gonna take 8 - 10 weeks. Which, by that stage I will be in Turkey!!! Istanbul da da da da da!! As you can tell, quite excited about big road trip to Turkey, Greece and Germany for Octoberfest... Wonder where the funds will come from??? Ha. Lucky for the little cards that leprekauns live in and give you money when you really need it!!! And the UK Bank gave me another one! That was very friendly I thought. Didnt get achance to catch up with Evan Ryan while he was in London, but caught up with a few Aussies anyway. Time is flying by so fast. Hopefully I will be seeing some of you soon. Keep in touch, every email from everyone is like getting chocolates!!! Love abs. xo