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Abs’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Sep 2005

Location: Cappadocia, Turkey

MapWow. Have had some really amaz1ng times which i will hopefully get to catch u up on soon. we have arr1ved today to Cappadocia. After a bloody 19 hour bus trip we have made it from gallipolli. which was also unreal. This place is all made out of stone and all the older buildings look like they come from the flinstones movie. There 1s even a hostel called the flinstones. Thank god Danni and I have a free day here to relax. As you can imagine the bus trip did not entail much sleep and all that! But thankfully it was much better than a disaster bus from Bangkok to Phuket two years ago. dont think much could be worse than that bus trip.
There is so much to say about everyth1ng so far.
France - awesome. want to live there and parlais francaise.
Istanbul - totally different to anything else ive seen so far. B1g mosques everywhere and beautiful city. Also met two of the most beautiful french girls and an Aussie from St Kilda. We had a ball.
Gallipolli - only one full day there. Not enough but a good start to get there one Anzac day coming up. Maybe even the one hundreth anniversary 1n 2015. Took a tour and was very emotional and a big eye opener. So proud and patriotic now!!!
And now Cappadocia. Thank god dannis camera 1s work1ng and the photos are brilliant. dunno how to put em on though.
To all those going to Katie and Shanes wedd1ng tomoro - have a great day. We know you all will. We will be celebrating too for them.

To all the fam - make sure you ring us any change re Grandpa. Sounds like he is doing fine but you know you can call our mobiles when there is credit on them but no credit currently. ,alternat1vely you can text and we should receive 1t. Give the grumpy thing our love.