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Abs’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Sep 2005

Location: Olympos, Turkey

MapCant remember where i left the other one but anyway...
From Istanbul we went on an 18 hour bus overnight to Cannukale - Gallipolli. Stayed at TJ's Hostel in Ecebat. Bloody small world, TJ's wife Bee is from Corowa!! the 2nd day there we went on our tour of gallipolli with 2 south aust guys - so just four of us.
The tour was a massive eyeopener to what war is like even thought I could only imagine the horror and all that. It made me emotional; not just for the poor men and women that had their lives taken from them but it made me grieve for the people that have touched my life and have passed away.
Enough said.
Another bus trip from gallipolli to Cappadocia region. 18 hours. Swollen ankles and cranky twinnies. But not too bad.
How to explain Cappadocia?? It is in the middle of turkey and is made on old volcano ground. Therefore a lot of rocks. And the rocks are soft so they carved out caves to live in. The caves look like stuff from the Flinstones!! Very cool. WILL HAVE to put photos on to actually explain better> c soon> abs> xoxo