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Abs’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Sep 2005

Location: Selcuk, Turkey

MapOK OK!! I know that some of you very sneaky people have been reading up on my site and not inputting any messages for my eager eyes!!! I know this because the site tells me how many people have logged on. So even if its a quick Hi Ab your travel stuff is boring and I am not coming back to look at it I dont mind!!! Let me know whats going on !!!
But we are really having a fabulous time. we have just arrived in a place called Selcuk (SAY sell chook) and today we went on a great tour of a place called Pammukale (Pamm u karle). There were these cliffs that had been made thousands and thousands of years ago from calcium depostis in the rain and a natural warm spring had been there too. So the Greeks decided to make an ampitheatre and heaps of other buildings now ruins. And you could walk through these calcium deposits which looked like giant steps in the snow = even though it was scorching hot and I got sunburnt (sorry Mum!!).
Yesterday we went to a cool place called Saklikent Gorge with another cool chick Jen who is originally from Shep and just happens to be best mates with Steph Shanas. this gorge was just like God was really angry with a mountain and cracked the poos and struck lightening through it for 18 kms!! We went through till bout 2.5 3 ks then we got to a point that I chickened on and lucky the girls didnt think we should go further. We were already filty dirty and wet and skanky! Fun.
So only a couple more days in Turkey then the Greek Islands for some four five days muckin bout then off to Octoberfest!!!
Keep you posted. Abs. xoxo