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Abs’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Sep 2005

Location: Crete, Greece

MapHey guys!!! We are at a cool Net place that is only one euro fifty per hour. So, thought Id drop a line for the diehard people that are actually reading this BS. (I dont think there is anyone!!). But we had a great day today; went to some cool Minoan ruins and then to the Archilogical (forget how to spell when pissed) Museum which had all the original stuff they found in the ruins. Our tourguide tried to tell us today that one of the major reasons why Minoan civilisation became extinct was because of many of the "unnatural" behaviours they took part in. As in; homosexuality and beastiality. but we just think that was his stint on Minoan culture because we saw no sign of any of that in the pictures or displays at the museum. He did mention though that he also thought that our current civilisation would come crashing down on us one fateful day because of the way we have destroyed the environment, and already some of the atmosphere is gone and we produce a lot more carbon dioxide than is necessary. Bloody heavy stuff. Its like those movies that make you think the world is gonna end tomorro. Makes me scared. But, at the mo Im not scared of much coz Im ten feet tall and bullet proof on a diet of red wine and gyros!!!! Love you all and talk soon - soberly. xoxo