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Abs’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Sep 2005

Location: Munich (Munchen), Germany

MapGuten tag!!! Wie heißen Sie? (Hello, what is your name?). I am VERY good, at Octoberfest in Munich. We met up with Leanne, Dannis mate from Oxford at the Munich Airport, and then went to our great hostel. Leanne awesome Aussie chick, working at the JR as a Paeds Nurse too so we get along great!! Last night at the Octoberfest we went to the Beer Hall grounds, and they are massive! We were sort of lost, and didnt realise how big the place actually is. and it´s also like a carnivale with heaps of rides and candy places and just like a big show. But the beer halls are massive Tents with tables all through them and all these German people wearing traditional German outfits: girls in gorgeous dresses and guys in leather knickerbockers. Very cool stuff. We sort of didnt know what to do as in; getting a beer. Which we are usually verz good at. But we had to squeeze onto another table so that we could get served beer. Luckily, we got squeezed onto a table full of German guys, who could speak very good English, and bout fifty of them were there from the same computer companzy. The boss took a liking to us (who wouldnt??) and shouted us our first steins, so we had an awesome time.
Going back to the Hostel was a little confusing as it was daylight when we went in (and we werent that sober anymore). But, eventually we found it again, being only five minutes away.
So today we are off to Octoberfest again, meeting up with Kate and Ros from Cambridge!!! Auf Wiedersehen!!