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Abs’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Oct 2005

Location: Munich, Germany

MapHi guys! back in munich again because we couldnt get enough of this place!!! And because we came back in time for the last day of Octoberfest!! We also FINALLY met up with Miss Zoe Bottsquana, who is having the ultimate adventure too! was so funny, we didnt tell her we were coming and just turned up at the campingplatz she was working at. Great reunion of drinking and catching up. she is on her way back to London now with all the legends she was working with.
Enough bout that. Munich has some very nice people we met and were lucky enough to stay with. Will have more photos of this trip up on site soon! Look out for the Melbournite Tristan, who will probly be on his guitar (he is the next Pete Murray I swear!!). He is working for a company called New Munich. They do free walking tours of the cities and thats how we met. They also take u on a wicked pub crawl. Going to Berlin tomoro. cant wait!!!
We also went out to Dachau Concentration Camp Site today. It was very confronting, and informative. They have a great museum and Danni and I were too shocked to really even take all of the info in. glad we went though, as it makes u appreciate the easy life we lead!!!
thanks for all the messages everyone!! It puts a smile on my face!!!