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Abs’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Oct 2005

Location: Berlin, Germany

MapHello!!! Went on a big Free Walking Tour of Berlin city yesterday. Was bloody great. Not as good as Munich though, but only because the guides didnt take photos of us and shower us with attention!! We saw the remnants of the Berlin wall, tell ya, its not much chop!! Its amazing it changed peoples lives for 28 long years. We saw memorials and museums and the Checkpoint Charlie, and just heaps. Gonna go out today on own and explore a bit more I think. Beauitful weather.
Had a Pub Crawl last night with the New Berlin company. My god, there were over 100 people on this pub crawl! was good but bit crowded. Lucky it was hard to get a drink too, or I would probly have a bigger hangover right now than I already do! Was cool to hang out with some really nice chicks we met from hostel.
Well, better get out of the internet cafe and start breathing some fresh air!!