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Abs’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Dec 2005

Location: Oxford, UK

MapWoo-hoo! Finally I am in Oxford!! Yay! It has taken a long time to get my job here but I found out I have three months on a Trauma Ward at the John Radcliffe on Tuesday. And then I started Thursday! I feel like Ive been there for ages already! Im dossing at the moment at the Radcliffe Infirmary with Danni and taking in turns to stay in the beds of the girls who are on night duty for a bit while I sort out accommodation over at the JR for myself. Am having a look at a room tomro so fingers crossed I can hopefully call it home very soon! I had to leave Crowborough and Paul and Bernie and the kids; even though it was great living there Im very happy to be here now. Already met some awesome people who are living at both hospitals, I can tell I will have to find my party boots and get partying soon or else they will think Im a Nanna. (And Ive been a bit poor lately-all that debt makes Abbey go something something...)
Anyway, have a look at Dan's website its
it's really cool. There are some fantastic photos of her trip to Scotland in May with Katie and some beautiful photos of Bridget and us who went to her Deb in June (Of course Im in them but Dan was already OS).
Will let you know my new address when I have it- but no excuses for no emails coming in !! Espcecially as its Christmas soon and Im not homesick yet but if I dont get any Ill be really cross!
Love you all heaps. Talk soon. xo