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Abs’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Dec 2005

Location: Raaha, Finland

MapHello!! Or Hei as the Fins say. We are in lovely Finland staying at Terhi Kukkonens parents place on the northwest coast of Finland in a place called Raaha.It is -17 degrees here and as you could imagine that is bloody cold! But, is also bloody beautiful!! Snow everywhere. From Saila and Reijo's house you can see the sea edge which is frozen over. Some of the mad Fins make holes in the ice and go SWIMMING in the icey water. They call it Avanto!! They dont put their heads under but they still get in. They want us to do it. I might if I get drunk enough!! Anyway, Danni and I both had a great Christmas. And we are having a party here for NYE which is gonna be cool. Will put some photos of this magical place up soon and of Christmas day and Eve.
Love to everyone.
Ab. xoxo