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Hopo’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Mar 2006

how are you all? me well im fine, a bit bored lol but its all good! well im on spring break at the moment and its nice to be on a break, but its so boring lol i have literally stayed inside for 2 days in a row now and i swear im gonna die lol and you cant go outside cause its cold like really really cold like -25 it has been this week :( which sucks cause ya can go snowboarding in that weather :( but oh well, its starting to warm up a little bit so me n cyn are going snowboarding soon :D yay and yeah oh im going for my tattoo tomorrow :D !! which is like heaps cool ay! lol oh well im not sure if i actually get it tomorrow, but im going to pick one if anyone has suggestions lol they would be greatly appreciated ay! like i was thinking maybe something like in chinese writing, but im getting it on my shoulder so i dont think that that would look very nice, or maybe somehting like an animal or something like that! but yeh any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :D hmm and yeah thats about all me goss ay, lol my new host sister is all pissed off at pat and mat lol but i find it kinda funny lol shes angry because she thinks that they are immature lol and all they were doing was joking around lol and making jokes about me, but i know that they were only jokign lol man she stresses like evryone out, she cant even take a joke :@ lol but yeah any ways so whats new? whats goss? whats been happening at school? well any ways i guess that i had best be off, cause i dont really have anything else interesting to say lol so byebye luv ME :) xoxo