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Sam’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Jun 2006

Location: Edinburgh, UK

MapHey hey!!

I have arrived safe and sound back in the Burgh!!
What an amazing holiday!!!!

Mum & I spent a couple of days in Tours (a 2 hour train ride from Bordeaux) before heading back to the UK. We had a great afternoon out a Chateu de Chenonceau - a big cool castle that was definately worth the look around!
Wasn't an awful lot else that we saw in Tours - we were staying on a main shopping street and there didnt seem to be much else in the near vicinity - since we only had 2 nights we just chilled out.

Spent a couple of days in London where I got to catch up with Kim and an old mate from even earlier Rentokil days - Timmy (and his lovely girlfriend Michelle)!
We caught up with Chris (our old nextdoor neighbour from Bucklands Beach days) in London as well and stayed a night with her at the Hilton (er, thats totally overrated to I might add - but it sounds cool) which was nice as well. Soooo great seeing faces from home on the other side of the world :-)

Had a teary farewell at the airport yesterday saying bye to Mum - I cant emphasise enough what a great time it was travelling with you Mum and I'm so glad we got to share that trip together!!

I'm just in the process of finding a new job and am looking forward to continuing my current backpacker diet of cheese, crackers tuna and muesli until my first paycheck!

Hope everyone's well - take care (and yep, I wiiiillll get some more photos up soon!!)

Lotsa luv
Me xx