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Sam’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 30 Aug 2006

Location: UK

MapAaahhh how sad, the festival is nearly over.... have my last gig to see tonight, then it's the big fireworks show on Sunday night and then the festival magic stops. Although, it will be kinda nice getting back into a bit of a normal routine and stuff - tonight will be the 8th night in a row out and about... total madness I tell ya!

-On Saturday I went to see 3 different & pretty random shows...
The first was a comedy show called the 'Beginners guide to the fringe' and was all about various aspects of the festival. The next one was a tap & hip hop dance show with Argentinian twin brothers - they were really fantastic, and the last one was a burlesque show that started at midnight and had some pretty random performers.... Most were good, the chick juggling bacon was weird.
-Sunday we went to go and see a show -but it had unfortunately sold out... well, fortunately for us there was a pub with a beer garden that we wanted to visit....
-Monday night was Simple Minds! They were totally cool & rocked out!
-Last night was girls night... hehe.... always fun
-Tonight Jenn & I are off to see a group called Spank Rock... From what I listened to briefly online (it's pretty much a random booking we made based on the fact that the band name made us smile) its rap layed out over some funky beats.... Should be interesting :-)

My annual cultural intake has certainly been fulfilled by the festival experience... have seen so many different types of shows and performers - it's been totally fun and I will definately come back for a festival holiday next year :-D

So what else is news? Ummm not a lot really... work's still going really well...
I heard from my cuz Jo the other day, she's in Spain somewhere at the moment and totally loving it!!
Upcoming thingy's:
2 weeks to go until my long weekend in Ireland....
7 Weeks till Amsterdam
11 Weeks till Malta
And only about 13 weeks till I'll be seeing the smiling faces of my peeps downunder........ Happy Days!