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Sam’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 26 Nov 2006

Location: Malta

MapHello people!

Just at the airport about to leave Malta to head back to London....
Jenn & I have been having a wicked time!! Our very good friends at The George have been looking after us, and of course by looking after I mean ensuring we always had a wine in hand and the sober moments were few and far between!
The guys were lovely and made us feel really at home - it was so cool having a 'local' pub and feeling like we'd always been part of the crew.

In between our many hours at the pub hanging out with our new friends we had a lovely day in Valetta on Wednesday - just wandered round and then found a lovely cafe where we had the nicest seafood pasta meal - we were still full about 5 hours later haha
Friday we went on a day trip to Gozo (Malta's wee neighbouring island) which was really nice as well.

Eeekkkk - running out of internet time! That will have to do for now I'm afraid....

Me xx