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Sam’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 Apr 2007

Location: Cork, Ireland

MapTop o' the mornin to you!
You know, I'm yet to actually be greeted in the morning by an Irishperson saying 'top o the morning'....

Anywho - hi everyone!! HAPPY EASTER!

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend wherever you may be! I had a grand time!! Gaynor's flatmate from Edinburgh - also our good friend - Ali came over to stay with us for (what felt like) the biggest pig-out weekend ever haha!!
Ali brought over some really yummy chocolate chip biscuits, as well as some scrupmtious home made tablet for each of us!!!
Tablet's a Scottish thing - like fudge but creamier.... mmmm

And so the eating fest began...

Gaynor cooked a delicious roast chicken on Friday night... while it was basting away, we (Ali, Gaynor, Lauren & I) sat out in the backyard in the glorious sunshine, sipping on ice cold beers and listening to music. It was such a beautiful afternoon!! Topped off by a fabulous roast meal, followed by hot apple pie & ice cream!!

Saturday the weather was equally as amazing - so we headed into town for a spot of shopping (Ali found a pair of shoes she had been searching for.... at about 1/4 the price she'd seen them in Edinburgh... so bought 5 pairs - one in each colour... aww bless), then Ali & Gaynor went for a spot of sightseeing (apparently ýou can live quite happily with never visiting the 'Cork Butter Musuem) while Lauren & I hit the Easter Beer Fest. It would've been rude not to.

Only stayed for a few pints, and made some lovely new friends while we were at it... as well as having to dodge the creepy Austrian guy who was in luuuurrrve with Lauren hehe.
Takeaways for dinner on the way back to the flat... undoubtably followed by something sweet when I got back...

Sunday I left Gaynor & Ali to hang out in the still beautiful Corkonian weather.... while I met Lauren in town and we jumped on a bus up to Galway! 4 hours (and a wee smidgen of wine) later, we arrived - to find that all the hostels were booked out. Soooo we found a nice B&B instead - oh what a struggle hehe
Had a fab night out & danced the night away...

Monday... werent at all hungover *ehem* so after the cooked Irish brekkie, instead of walking round town, we jumped on one of those fun looking open-top tour buses and saw Galway from above... tehe surprisingly was a little bit fun - and we saw waaay more than if we'd been walking.

Back to Cork, successfully avoided the remainder of my Easter chocolate... and had a jolly good nights sleep!!

This week it's my friend Jessi's birthday on Thursday *whoop whoop* so I think we're off to Funderland! Yeeep.... Funderland!! It has rides and stuff.
Then on Saturday Gaynor & I are hosting a bbq at our place for her & also for our kiwi mate Keith - mostly due to the fact we have a huge backyard.... and I've been wanting an excuse to buy a bbq... hehe Should be fun!!!

Photo's to follow shortly...

Hope you're all well, love & hugs to everyone xxx