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Sam’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 May 2007


OMG - I've been pretty rubbish at keeping the old webpage updated haven't i?! I have just noticed it's been a month (and then some)... Ach well, I'll try and make up for it a bit now...

Well, as previously mentioned we were to have a bbq for Jessi & Keith's combined birthday celebrations... so I bought a bbq - a coal bbq - which I am slowly mastering... not quite the same as cooking with gas i'll tell ya that!
We then had said bbq - it was crazy and fun... needless to say there may have been a small bit of alcohol involved and the 2nd round of meat was deemed toxic (not at all due to the amount of firelighters that were being put on the coals to reheat them) and half the bbq patrons had oven grilled sausages and bread.

I've been out to the famous Blarney Castle and kissed the stone... well, by kissed I mean I kinda grazed it lightly
I would have a photo... however it was 10 to purchase and i wasnt willing to part with my lunch/beer money haha. Keith tried to take a photo with my camera... but was apparently a bit physically challenged that day and didnt quite press the button down far enough haha. Nae bother!!

The 3 really good friends that Gaynor and I made here then all left on the same weekend.


Lauren back to Canada.... Jessi back to the States... Keith off around Europe and then back to NZ. Wish them all the very best, we have certainly had some fun times!
So it's back to the drawing board on the friend side of things anyway...

Travel plans:
This time in 2 weeks I'll be in sunny Portugal for my birthday trip!!
Fly out from Dublin on 31st May and returning on 5th June - can't wait!!!! This will be my first decent trip since hitting these fair shores so am totally looking forward to it :-)
Unfortunately my ACTUAL birthday (30th May for all those wanting to you know, send me stuff) will be spent at work and then on a bus for 4.5 hours - but all good - am going to make up for it in Portugal whoop whoop!!

Well the first weekend will be in Portugal... then i have one weekend off!
15-17th I'm in London to farewell one of my original busabout crew from '05 - Lexi! She's heading back to her homeland as well (Aussie) with her boyfriend PK.
22-23rd I'm going to see Crowded House play in Dublin! Really looking forward to that!!
29-30th Going to the Burgher!!!! Cant wait to catch up with all my friends in Edinburgh, gonna be a crazy old weekend that one!

August: Hoping to get to somewhere sunny with cousin Jo before she heads back to NZ. We're thinking Tenerife...

October: Middle East! I know this one might sound a bit scary, but I'm going with my friend Imogen (met in Edinburgh) and we're embarking on a 2 week tour round Syria & Jordan. I've been assured that it's perfectly safe... well no dodgier than any other country I've been to on my travels.
It's gonna be great!!! Total culture shock for me I think - and we even get to ride camels in the desert and spend a night in a bedouin camp!!

Works still absolutely super!!!! Nothing really to report on that except that I'm still enjoying it and the people here are a delight to work with :-)

As for anything else... life is good, I'm happily cruising along and looking forward to the things i have coming up - as well as making the most of each day as it's here.

Hope you're all well....
Loads of love xxx