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Sam’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Jul 2007

Location: Cork, Ireland

MapThis is slightly better form... a fortnightly update instead of monthly ;-)

Sooo what have I been up to in the past couple of weeks?
Well, as briefly mentioned previously, I've embarked on a get fit phase... this entails walking as much as possible (ie, weather permitting - that's not going so well) and going to 2 torture classes a week (one is step aerobics and the other is a toning class) with Sarah.
So far so good... it's been 2 weeks attending classes now and I think I'm actually starting to feel slightly more co-ordinated! Aside from those occassional moments where I think I'm totally on fire and imitating the instructor flawlessly, only to discover I am somehow facing the opposite direction to the rest of the class...
Good things take time I guess eh!? haha

Went out to the Jameson Whisky Factory a couple of weekends ago with Gaynor & Sarah. What a great day!
We had initially formulated great plans of going to this gorgeous looking seaside town... however the amount of people with the same idea as us - turns out it was the end of an arts festval week and every man, woman and child from Cork appeared to be waiting for the bus - 2 were filled and we were gonna have to wait another hour or so. Luckily we had a back up plan.... and almost giggled with glee at our luck as the rain graced us with it's presence....

So while all those suckers were at the beach in the rain, we were wandering round on a tour finding out how they make Irish Whisky :-)
Of course included in the tour costs was a nice glass of Jameson's at the end. A few souvenirs and photo's later... then it was off to a local pub for a couple of cheeky pints before heading back to Cork for the evening. Very pleasant indeed!

Didn't get up to much last weekend - watched a few movies on tv and Sam's Cinema... good chillout weekend really :-)

Not a whole lot else going on.... Work's still grand, they are trying to plot ways of how to keep me in the country... haha
Flat's still going well, life is still peachy and there's only 10 sleeps till Disneyland Paris.....

Hope all's well with you lovely people out there... dont be afraid to send me an email to let me know how you're doing.....

Love & hugs to all xx