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Sam’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Aug 2007

Location: Cork, Ireland

MapJust in case you were wondering what's been happening since Disneyland.....

Well, not a whole lot to be honest! The last 3 weeks have been pretty low key... though anything is pretty low key in comparison of the madness that is Disneyland haha

Just been taking it easy and chilling out... saving my pennies for the next big adventure (only 6 weeks to go!). Had friends birthday drinks on Friday night... an engagement party on Saturday night... Been to the movies a couple of times...

But yeah - that's about it! Oh - and of couse keeping the Tesco winemakers association in business ;-p
Hate to let the wine gods down...

And we got a new flatmate. He seems pretty sound so far - moved in on Saturday....

Birthday shout outs to aaallll the August babies:
Mum, Grandad, Katie, Luke, Ang, Laka, Imogen, James & Emily... Sorry if I've forgotten anyone - man, August is nearly as busy as May in the birthday department haha

Anywho - just checking in... hope all is well wherever you are and whatever you are doing :-)

Love to all x