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Sam’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 Oct 2007

Location: Amman, Jordan

MapWell, here I am in Jordan - about to start leg 2 of my big middle east adventure!

The first week of the tour has been spent in Syria - WOW!
I'm having such a good time!! The cultural differences are really interesting and we are all being careful to dress a little more conservatively than you would travelling in a western society. I've seen some really amazing sights so far! We have been to Aleppo (the 2nd biggest city in Syria), Craic De Chevalier (a massive old castle - built around the 12th century), Damascus (the capital), Palmyra (my favourite spot on the trip so far), I've been shopping in the souks (markets) and got some fab deals and been into a few mousks (you have to borrow a gown to cover yourself up like the muslim women hehe).

Really fascinating part of the world to visit - we have had some amazing local guides as well! I didnt know an awful lot about Syria before coming here, but our guides local history and knowledge has been invaluable!

So this week we have Jordan - many exciting things to look forward to there - sitting in the dead sea, going to see petra.....

many many maaannnyy photo's to come haha :-)
righty, time to head off and get ready for dinner....

Hope everyone's well back home - or wherever you may be xx