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Sam’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Nov 2007

Location: Cork, Ireland

MapHeeelllooooo :-)

oh boy.... what a busy few weeks since my last update!!
Though in saying that, there's not really an awful lot to report I guess.... just been plodding away with the day to day stuff.

Works been getting pretty busy - its obvious that the festive season is upon us and the lads out there are getting stuck into the celebrations in preparation! Keeps the counsellors here on their toes anyway hehe

I've been going to pilates once a week with Sarah - but its not normal pilates... nooo... we have a teacher who doesnt really instruct you so much as bark instructions in your general direction, and we dont tend to focus much on the breathing and technique... hhhhmmmm.
anyway - its something to do on a tuesday night and my tummy muscles hurt the next day so cant be all bad hey!? haha

Sarah and I jetted off to Amsterdam a couple of weekends ago. Very relaxed weekend. I feel I need say no more.
It was lovely there though - great weather, not a cloud in the sky -but pretty bloody cold!!! Have had to bust out the winter gear up this end of the world in the past few weeks! BBbbbrrrrr!!

Will get round to putting up some new pics this weekend...
Have girls night tonight so will try to remember to get a couple new ones for ya!
And yes, girls night is still going strong!! YAY!! There has been about 6 of us attending the past few weeks, though Lauren has just gone back to Aussie (byyyee, safe travels!!!) so we're back to 5. Good number though, and we always have a blast! Oh that reminds me... must pick up the food on the way home haha

So for those who dont know... I'll be home soooooooooon!!!
I have a ticket to the Big Day Out (Jan 18th), so keep an eye out for me as I'll obviously be hitting the friendly shores of home before then ;-)

Really reeeaalllly looking forward to heading homewards, definately ready to head back down under (for now at least anyway - I still have places to go.......) and I'm missing all my peeps - so start stocking up on the wine!!

Righty, better get back to the madness that is work.....
Love and hugs to all xxxxxxxxxxxxx