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Sam’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 19 Jul 2005

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Map9 Sleeps to go.......
Thought I'd suss out this Planetranger thing BEFORE leaving the country!! Cant think of anything more frustrating than not knowing how to make it go from the other side of the world when I'm paying for my internet access haha!

WOW I reeaally can't believe how quickly this is all sneaking up on me! This weekend is my farewell party *gulp* and then it's off on my 'trip of a lifetime' round Europe!!!
Just want to let you all know how much I'm going to miss ya... I'm sure that on Saturday night you'll be able to find me somewhere amongst the pool of tears - but believe me, as soon as I leave I'll forget aaaalll about ya's! haha I'M JOKING!

Pleeeaaaase do keep in touch, you all know my email address.... or you can post quick little messages on here (apparently!)
I'll log into both as much as possible, but at least if i dont have time for a reply you can satisfy your curiosity by clicking on you "favourite" web-link (that's this one....) to see what i'm up to :-)

Can't wait to share my adventures with my loved ones via the miracle that is the internet - oh and i'll post my itinerary on here somewhere too.... once i have finalised my busabout stuff!
*sigh* what would i do without modern technology!

Take care & love you all heaps...!!!!