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Sam’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 Nov 2005

Location: eds, UK

MapHidehi campers!

I hear the weather's bloody marvellous at home... sooo jealous!
Its starting to get a bit chilly over this side of the world... havent had to buy my big coat just yet - but am thinking i might go op shopping next weekend!!!

not having any luck with uploading pics - but watch this space as you can see i have taken a few pages off... i'm making room for what will be uploaded tomorrow (i promised mum so it will be done!!) I've been to a copule of net cafes today - without any luck. Tomorrow will be the day... hehe

I've been having a pretty good time the past week or so - aside from all the extra hours at work.... but its all for a good cause - TRAVEL SAVINGS!! Watched the AB's thrash Ireland yesterday... makes ya proud to be a kiwi! Cant wait to go to the AB vs Scotland game in a couple of weeks!!

Have had a pretty massive weekend - went to see some local bands last night (a charity thing - cheap as and pretty cool) and am just about to head off to see THE EXPONENTS!!! I've been so excited about this since we saw the poster a few weeks ago... it really is kiwi month over here (even says so in big black marker pen on our calendar... hehe)!!

Not a lot else to report at the moment - have to get going too so will update you all a bit more tomorrow when i put up the pics!

Take care everyone xo