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kimpossible’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Aug 2005

Location: Paestum, Italy

MapCaught the local bus to the Greek Temple Ruins (the best outside greece) worried that we missed the stop but had a nice driver who guessed where we wanted to go and dropped us off 200mts away. Hot today but not humid, had the best gelato by far while waiting for the return bus. 2 bus companies travel back to Salerno, missed the 1st bus waiting on the wrong side of the road, it was 20mins late. So we crossed the road 30secs later the next bus came it was 10mins early so we flagged it down and re-crossed the road.
Back in Salerno we walked up the hill to do our laundry and stumbled apon a wedding. (all the locals were watching so we stopped and watched too.) It was quite an event people came out of the shops to look too. Kim suprisingly had her camera so she got some great shots of the locals (hoping they look good in black and white).
People walk the streets until after 9pm lots of shops stay open too.The laundry is also an internet point, the clothes are almost dry now, its 7.30pm but still light.