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kimpossible’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 Aug 2005

Location: Marsala, Italy

MapTried to leave Marsala at 9am but found out that taxi's dont exist. Walked to the bus stop and waited for a bus that is supposed to come every 1/2hr. 1hr later no bus so started to walk to the train station. Walked around in circles for a while and finally made it to our piazza Caperena. It was 12.30pm by now.
We had to wait for a bus that came at 2.30, thought we were never going to leave marsala! Convinced people we knew what we were doing as they asked us for directions and helped them, all in italian!
Finally arrived in Agrigento. Checked into a fantastic hotel - the best by far, it even had an electronic key. A supermarket down the road, a bankamat across the road and Mcdonalds next door.
At the supermarket Jodi was given 2 free drinks by the guy at the checkout. Perfect end to a stressful day.