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kimpossible’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 14 Aug 2005

Location: Catania - Messina, Italy

MapHad to walk down the hill to the next village to catch a bus at 9.30. We left with 45mins to walk the 2kms but jodi's bag died, the wheels broke on monday and all week it has lost pieces. It finally quit half way down. Jodi told me to go ahead and purchase tickets it was 9.15. I found the piazza and bus stop with the help of some non english speaking french tourists. Jodi asked the locals who sent her up one street then down another. The bus was late but jodi missed it by 1/2hr. We met up again at 2.30 at messina train station. Waited around the station until we got onto our train at 5.45pm.
The train gets loaded onto a ferry for the crossing it took 45mins so we all got off the train and went up to the top deck. View was great so was the sea breeze! Sleeper cabin very comfortable and train staff very helpful (spoke english)