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Marcus’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 Nov 2005

Location: Cullen (Morayshire), Scotland

MapHello folks.
How's tings?

Well for all you folk back in OZ that are lloking forward to Marcus coming back in MAy next year when his Visas run out.
You're4 all gonna have to wait another month or two 'cause


Which means Marcus will be going.
It starts about a month after my U.K Visa epires, so I'll have to have some savings tucked away.
Last time we were there was 32 years ago, so I thought I'm already over here I may as well make an appearance and support the green & gold.
I know some of the ladies at home must be distraught at this news that they're gonna have to wait another 2 months for a crack at the ( McLennan Action), but they're just gonna have to wait.

A Rolling |Stones tour , then the World Cup, not a bad note to end on.
I don't really care too much about Australian Soccer, but I'm just going for the Craic.
If we don't win a game and get knocked out of the 1st round so be it.

Anyway, things here are O.K
Saving a bit of cash, keeping very quiet in a sleepy little seeside town. Going to Inverness tomorrow with the Head Chef.
Then back there next week to visit Culloden Battlefield.

Stay cool groovers and remember if you contact me on this site don't be a lazy bastard and put your email address on, so I can get back to you in private.

Have fun