Team South Africa’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Oct 2005

Location: HOME, UK

MapHello All

Firstly apologies that it has taken me til 5 weeks after being home to actually use this site!
I have met up with some of you but after my photo party I thought it would be easier to select a few photos for you to browse through at your leisure rather than the endless photos we have!

We basically had little opportunity to use the internet whilst away, and I only used it to ask my parents where my medication was - long story!

So here is my tale of South Africa Summer 2005 ...........

It is hard to believe that over a month ago I was in South Africa!
I found my life there a simple one - quite simply, my only focus in life for those 5 weeks was to be there for those less fortunate by providing new experiences and opportunities for the children and adults we worked with.