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Matt & Helen’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Nov 2011

MapOk, so the entire point of having an online diary is to keep it up to date and write in it regularly. I get that part, however, in our defence this is an online travel diary (the key word being travel) and we haven't done any of that in months!!! We haven't even taken the car out of London on a day trip - how sad are we?!?

It has been very quiet here over the past few months. With our residency and citizenship applications due to go in shortly and the baby on the way, we are just laying low and saving our pennies.

Hopefully that will all change soon though, we've decided we desperately need to make an effort to get out of London on some jollies again so watch this space, hopefully we'll have something interesting to report soon.

Things are all well though. Jess is growing up way too fast for our liking and is rapidly approaching the terrible twos! OMG how time flies!!! We've been spending most of our weekends going for walks, exploring local parks and playgrounds for Jessica and of course every waking minute she wants to be with Hannah, her best friend from nursery who lives just round the corner. So we tend to make the most of getting the girls together and letting them entertain themselves. We've had a few BBQs and even did fireworks last weekend (well we tried - but the girls freaked out so Matt and I carried on without them once they'd gone to sleep!!!)

Hope everyone is going well, we'd love to hear updates from around the globe. We miss you all. Take care xxx