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Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Location: At Home in Hangzhou, China

MapAt least for a while longer...
I thought I'd better update this page as the University is currently holding an exhibition of my photos. Quite flattering really. I'm getting a lot of feedback as well and students and professors alike seem to dig the photos. All very nice!

Getting fairly close to time for me to fly back to Australia and visit Sydney, for the first time in nearly 3 years. Even though I was away for longer last time, I was coming back from Canada, albeit via India and Bangladesh. This time I haven't even seen a western city - except on TV (Which I try to avoid!)

It's been a good start to the year with many friends coming to visit and of course the trip to Cambodia, which was very enjoyable. A highlight was finally getting to visit Beijing with my mum and brother, Roger a couple of months back.

But this latest chapter is drawing to a close fairly quickly. It was a wise decision to come east to the Chinese coast and in particular to choose Hangzhou. It really is a lovely city and a wonderful place to host visitors. Saying that, there're many things I miss about Yunnan and Xishuangbanna in particular.

But I know I'll miss this place equally. I've made quite a few good friends and the sad part is that some I've only really gotten to know in the last couple of months. I'll miss them.

Of course I'm going to miss this food terribly. True, I'm going back to Sydney - one of the great gourmet capitals of the world BUT, it's not China, and I suspect the food just won't taste the same. (Truth be I just couldn't face another bowl of rice - or anything rice-based, and have just devoured a tasty pizza!)

So....amigos y I sit in a lovely cafe overlooking gorgeous West Lake and raise my coffee cup to you all!