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Cooky’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Jan 2006

Location: Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Map9/1 : Phnom Penh - Choeng Ek (Killing Fields) - Chhuk = 120km

It was fun hanging out in Phnom Penh. Stayed near the lake in the north of the small city and relaxed quite a lot. It's a pleasant city reminded me slightly of Vientianne in Laos. Had enough after 2 days and a bit so left and on the way outta town stopped in at The Killing Fields (Choeng Ek). Pretty chilling to see the place where the Khmer Rouge executed so many thousand.

Finding my wayfrom there back to a main road south was difficult but after a number of dirt roads and lanes I reconnected with the road south to Takeo province. Enjoyable riding again but hot come the afternoon so decided to stay at Chhuk (yes..that's pronounced "CHOOK" for all my old mates) Dreadful place unfortunately. Lots of insects and no food.

10/1 : Chhuk - Kampot - Kep = 88km

Early start again and easy ride to Kampot which was rather drab and disappointing. Decided to skip the Kampot experience and ride onto the beach area of Kep. Good choice. Stayed in a hammock on the beach and drank juice and ice coffee. kep was a French resort area through the 60's and until Pol Pot's mob ran amok. It's still in decay with lots of buildings in cluding the palace riddled with bullet holes.

Took a boat out to Rabbit island and that was fantastic. First time I'd been in the sea for 2 years! Stayed out there all day, hammock. eating fish. Lovely! Highly recommended.

12/1 : Kep - Kampot - Sihanoukville = 129km

Got up at 4:30 next morning as I thought it would be a long day on the bike. Not that bad really. Some crap dusty roads but nothing I'd complain about (all things considered) Some hills coming into tourist town Sihanoukville but wow! the beaches are lovely and the water is great. So that's where I am right now. After this dispatch I'm off to the beach for an afternoon dip and an Iced Coffee.

What are you doing?????