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Cooky’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Jan 2006

Location: Koh Chang Island, Thailand


Still bumming about on this lovely island off the coast of Trat in the southeast of Thailand. Stayed longer than I thought I would. Little desire to head back to Bangkok, and Hangzhou is still chilly.

I stay at the far end of White Sandy Beach (imaginative name indeed), and you have to actually walk out through the surf to get there so it's very quiet.

Basically my arduous daily consists of:

(1) lying in a hammock and reading, or day-dreaming with the roll of the surf (if the book is too heavy)
(2) swimming (lots of nice fishies) & riding my bike (lots of horrible steep!)
(3) drinking 1 delicious coffee at 11am
(4) eating delicious Thai seafood curries..mmmm..
(5) writing my memoirs of said activities

and, feeling particularly exhausted after such toil, I am

(6) sleeping a great deal!

Well, it all comes to end in a couple of days when I fly back to the reality of those crisp Hangzhou days. nice to see pals.

See some of you soon, and the rest.....just exercise your empathy in the interim.