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Pip&Judi’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Jul 2005

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapWell our first day & night on African soil was a good one - after a brief view of Robben Island from the air on the way in- lit by a fantastic misty african dawn we are sadly not going to have time to visit the place of Mandelas' incarceration for most of his 28 years in captivity. This is a place that symbolises the triumph of human spirit, freedom and democracy over oppression. ........ Instead we headed for the shops!!! How uncultured I know but we needed provisions (ie booze!!) for our forthcoming trip.

We are staying in a backpackers hostel with a great view of table mountain from our (thankfully not shared) room. Jude has thrown herself into the 'slumming it' bit really well but drew the line at staying in a multi bedded dorm with a broken arm as she needs help eating, dressing, washing, cooking, sewing, shopping, sunbathing etc. etc. etc. - or so she keeps telling me!!! - I'll have her dusting, ironing and doing the laundry by the weekend I am sure. Had a few drinks in a very lively bar and were joined by the Royal Welsh Fusiliers on a rugby tour! (Des - they all sounded and looked just like Peter Jones!!!). I think there must have been a load of Stoke fans there to as I joined them in a rendition of Stokes anthem - Delilah..... the joys of Karioke and alcohol.

.......Friday 29th is SHARK DAY - we are both doing the shark dive thing and should get 2-3 dives each in a steel cage that looks about as sturdy as a shopping trolley. That is all the protection between us and 15ft + of meat eating monster fish........lets hope we are here to add some pictures to the diary tomorrow.