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Pip&Judi’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 Aug 2005

Location: Livingstone, Zambia


...It almost seems that a flight over Victoria Falls is just part of a routine day now as the things we have been lucky enough to see so far have been a lifetimes worth of sights in just a few weeks so it was not until they strapped us into the very tiny seat and the pilot said have you got your helmet strapped on that it really dawned on us that we were about to fly at 1500 feet over the falls in what is basically a moped with wings and a propellor!! It was a bit too windy for a close 'formation' flight but our pilots kept us about 100 yds apart so we could see each others 'aircraft'. These things are not meant to be airborne I swear. It was bumpy and looked like the pilot was fighting with the 'handle bars' for the entire climb to 1500 ft.

Andre casually pointed out the elephant below when we at about 500 ft and as I leaned over to have a look I thought I was going to drop out of the side of the seat - it feels about as safe and being strapped onto a bar stool with a lap belt. The falls from the air do look breathtaking and when Judes pilot swooped round and below us it was a moment I just couldn't help myself yelling 'Yeeehaah!" - very american I know but I just couldn't help it. The pilot was dead pleased as he was linked to me by radio headset and I think he now has perforated eardrum !! Ooops sorry Capt'n. ....... He was also talking to air traffic control at the time.......