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Pip&Judi’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 Aug 2005

Location: Cape Town, South Africa


We ahve now said 'farewell' to the White Nile, Livingston, Zambia and a trcuk full of new found friends.
To Josh, Sarah & Simon, Louise, 'Gunnedah!' and her hat, Heather, Anna, Marcus, Jill, Jill, Phil, Claire, Maggie,Jane, Paul, Paul, Adrian and Steffi, Keith and last but not least Allison, Garth & Renata - "IT WAS NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Private joke - sorry everyone else!!). Thanks for helping make it such a blast!! We'll stay in touch.

Unexpectedly we are now back in Cape Town after some bad news from home. We have to decide whether to end our trip less than half way through or carry on in the next day as have a possible flight out of Cape Town on Thursday evening. We managed, despite the power cuts, computer failures and general usual problems you'd expect in Africa to get a flight from Livingstone to Cape Town with just 2 days notice..... that is harder than it sounds in Africa. Now we have today to make up our minds whether to go home today or stay on and maybe fly home if need be in week or so.

We spent what may be our last day in Africa at the Cape of Good Hope - the most south westerly point on the African continent. It is a spectacular setting and the whole day was crowned by an ebvening of Whale watching in Simons Town. A group of about 6-8 Southern Right whales wer playing and basking juts a few yards from the caost as we watched from the safety of the rocks no more than 100 feet away. They were beautifully graceful and remarkably noisy when blowing - the eerie sound of 'whale music' clearly heard even on the shore. Just neede a darkened floatation tank with the whale music on and it would have been a perfect hippy meditation moment. Instead we had a coastal train thunder past just 4 feet behind us. Shame really but it was still a great experience.

It has been a blast for 4 weeks - if it finishes today we have had a memorable trip......may be the Gorillas in the mist will remain just that and we'll see them some other day. Or just keep it as a misty dream..........