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Jeanne and Bill’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 Aug 2005

Location: USA

MapThis is the fourth time I have typed this and I am getting very frustrated.
We went to the ARch and went to the top in a small cable car. We viewed the city from the top and took many picures. A beautiful site. We watched a movie of how the Arch was built. Amazing!!!
Today we went to Union Station the hub for trains during the Depressiona dn the second World War. It is now a mall but the history of the train station is well preserved.
We went for a tour boat ride on the Mississippi River and saw barges being laded with goods to be shipped. Also the Arch from the water. St. Louis is a beautiful city with lots of history and things to see.
Tomorrow we are headed for Cedar Rapids , Ohio to visit with Bill's niece Robyn and her husband Mike.
Till the next internet site Bill and Jeanne