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Jeanne and Bill’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Sep 2005

Location: USA

MapSeptember 5, 2005
Hi Everyone,
I am very far behind on my webpage because we have been seeing so many sights along the way. We traveled across the state of South Dakota in one day. It was a very long trip and we saw mostly corn fields and soybeans and sunflowers and hay.
Fields and fields , as far as the eye could see. We stopped at different locations along the way, one being Wall Drug. It once was a small drugstore but has now grown to be a huge complex similar to South of the Border but not as chintsy. We had homemade icecream {delicious} and ambled through all the stores. We also stopped in different overlooks along the way. One rest area was locaated at the site where Louis and Clark camped along the Missouri River. It had memorabilia of their expedition down the Missouri River.
We stopped for lunch and the gas station across the street was advertizing gas for 2.95 and when we came out of the restaurant the price had changed to 3.09. Bar humbug!!!
We stopped in Mitchel, South Dakota to see the Corn Palace. It is a building With murals on the front depcting the harvesting of corn and the farmers . It is all made out of different color corn. Most amazing.
We arrived in Keystone and we can see Mt. Rushmore from our camp site. We set out for Mt. Rushmore to view the Presidents. Awesome!!! We then went to Rushmore Cave and went 420 stairs into the caves which had stalagmites and stalagtites. It was 58 degrees in the cave and 97 degrees outside.
The weather has been beautiful. It is in the 90's during the day but very dry and about 6p.m. it cools right off to the high 50's at nite. No need for the air conditioning. Today we went to Custer State Park. We saw buffalo, deer, elk, mule s, and antelope roaming about.Lots of scenic overlooks and very, windey and steep, narrow roads. Scaaarrrrey!!!!! Tonight we are going to the Lighting of Mt. Rushmre. They say it is very impressive. Bye for now Jeanne and Bill