Allyson’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Jan 2006

Location: Los Angeles, USA

MapHello 2006! Whistler rocked. We partied hard before and during New Years....and then everyone got sick - really sick! So what an anticlimax. Everyone has recovered now.

We have spent the last week in LA getting frustrated with the crazy traffic here. I hate driving! Now I'll be able to escape this big city for awhile. We're driving up to San Francisco today. Laura's super excited to go there and she flies out of San Francisco airport on Saturday - back to the UK. I'm gonna stick around for a couple weeks more so I can go to Arizona and see my sisters.

So more partying to be done in Frisco - I haven't had a chance to properly explore the city, so I'm looking forward to the next few days.

Catch ya later!