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emandsi’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Sep 2005

Location: Goa, India

MapHello to everyone, we trust all is well!

We've now been in Goa for almost 2 weeks and it's been very relaxing however after our last entry (the sun is hot and the beer is cold) the weather's really turned and the monsoon's returned in full force but it gives us a chance to explore, not just sit by the pool.

We have decided however to move on and we fly to Perth, Australia on 2nd October and hopefully we'll be working a week later but we'll keep you updated. Once we're in Oz we're going to buy a new sim card so that we can call and txt evryone and you guys can call us without it costing us and you a fortune, we'll let you know what the number is once we've got it.

We have no interesting new photos yet, only palm tree's and the pool but as soon as we get some of interest we'll pop some on!

Take care and keep in touch

Emma and Simon