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emandsi’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Sep 2005

Location: Anjuna, Goa, India

MapHi everyone, just a quick update before we fly to Perth on Sunday.

Really it's been a very boozy week, we've met a few English, Ozzie and Israeli guys who've we've been partying with and as the holiday season is just hotting up and the monsoon's passed, more pubs, clubs and restaurants have been opening.

Wednesday was the season opening of Club Copacabana so everyone went, it was free entry for ladies, only about 7 quid for gents and drinks were free all night, the club is open air, built on top of a large hill overlooking neighbouring towns and there was a swimming pool so a great time was had by all.

Now that the weather's got better and the season is beginning we would have liked to have stayed longer but Australia is beckoning. Other than the partying we've either just nursed our aching heads or sat by the pool.

Anyway that's all for now so take care everyone.


Em and Si