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emandsi’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Oct 2005

Location: The Outback, Australia

MapHi folks, we hope you're all good.

We have now been in Australia for two and a half weeks but because we've been working for two weeks we haven't seen much yet. We had four nights in Perth and from what we saw in the brief time we were there it seems a great city but we'll be exploring more when we go back after our work stint in the outback.

We've been at the Overlander Roadhouse now for two weeks, Simon's doing the 6am until 2.30pm shift and Emma's doing the 2pm until 12 midnight shift, we get one day off a week but we have different days off so we see each other for about half an hour a day. If you have a look at our most recent photo's you can see The Overlander in all it's glory. It's about 150km from the nearest town so when we have time off we can either read, watch the TV (Aussie TV is not so good) or feed the animals, the owners here have a kangaroo orphanage and goat sanctuary.

Because of the remoteness of where we are there's not a lot more to tell but everyone keep in touch.

Simon and Emma