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emandsi’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Dec 2005

Location: North East Queensland, Australia

MapHi everyone, we've now been in Queensland for just over a week and are having a fabulous time.

We spent the first couple of days lying by the lagoon in Cairns but soon got bored of that so we booked a 3 night tour to the north of Cairns. We had 2 nights at Cape Tribulation (where Captain Cook almost ran aground in the Endeavour) then a night in Port Douglas, an hour north of Cairns.

Cape Tribulation was spectacular, it's a World Heritage Rainforest and we spent 2 nights at the Cape Tribulation Beach House where we sat by the pool watching the local wildlife and watching out for huge spiders. On our second day there we went horse riding which took us to the beach where we had to watch out for estuarine crocodiles and had to keep out of the water due to the box jelly fish which happen to arrive in November and leave in April. Simon was riding Commanchee, a big, old, cantankerous bugger who liked to nip his fellow horses and munch on the grass as much as he could get away with and Emma was riding Jana, the only mare in the group who behaved impeccably! After the beach we went to the local creek where we had a swim and got nibbled by the fish whilst being watched by the local water dragon (not as spectacular as it sounds, just a foot long lizard but still pretty impressive). We then got back on our horses and our instructors decided that the best thing to do now with a bunch of beginners was to get us galloping, it was truly scary but exilarating too.

When night fell we went on a 3 hour walk throught the Rainforest hoping to see tree kangaroos, cassowaries, possums, bats, and all manner of snakes and spiders and other creepy crawlys, unfortunately they declined to honour us with their presence but it must be said that a walk in a Rainforest at night is an amazing experience never-the-less!

On the next day we went to Port Douglas via the beautiful Mossman Gorge where we whiled away an hour swimming in the crystal clear water. Port Douglas is a millionaires playground for old, retired guys who fancy themselves as sailors, it's a beautiful town with amazing houses and we saw Tim Brooke-Taylor of The Goodies fame, how peculiar.

Anyway today we arrived at Mission Beach, a marvellous 2 mile beach and when Simon went for a walk there wasn't a soul on the beach (maybe due to the 35C heat and the box jelly fish) he did however find some fresh coconuts which we will be having by the pool later this afternoon.

Take care everyone

Love Emma and Simon