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emandsi’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Dec 2005

Location: Mission Beach (QLD), Australia

MapHi guys, here's our next installment, we're sure you've been waiting with baited breath!!

We've now been at Mission Beach for 4 days of which the first 3 days were spent by the pool at our Rainforest retreat called the Treehouse set in the Clump Mountain National Park. Simon went for a trek up the mountain where there wasn't a soul around to hear him shriek like a little girl when a 1 metre goanna ran across his foot then up the nearest tree, a photo of the offending beast will be added soon (gosh it was a big bugger).

Yesterday we went snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, it was absolutely amazing, the abundance of fish was out of this world. We saw giant clams, loads of different kinds of fish and Simon thought he saw a reef shark but Emma just thinks it was a big fish. We will definitley be going back out when we get the oppurtunity. Simon also went boomnetting where he leapt onto a net which was towed by the boat, it was brilliant fun.