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emandsi’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 Jan 2006

Location: Brisbane, Australia

MapHi everyone, we hope each and everyone of you have had a great Christmas and are having a fantastic New Year!

Since our last diary entry we've travelled a fair distance down the Queensland coast (about 1000km). After a few uneventful nights in Townsville and Magnetic Island we arrived at Airlie Beach on 23rd December refreshed and ready for the holiday mayhem. We stayed at a backpackers hostel called Backpackers by the Bay which, not surprisingly had fantastic views of the Bay. For Christmas day a big bunch of us from the hostel each put $20 into a kitty and the workers at the hostel made us Christmas dinner and a big bowl of punch and and drunk and merry dy was had by all.

Airlie Beach is a magnet for young Aussies at Christmas all out for a mental time but after a few days of people banging on doors at all times of the night we decided to move to a place called Magnums however due to a lack of forward planning we hadn't realised that Magnums was not only a hostel but also a huge pub set out like a German Beer Hall and a nightclub t'boot where every night had a special event, the events included Jelly Wrestling and Wet T-Shirt competitions, so we were out of the frying pan and into the fire. For New Year we met up with a few friends at an Irish Bar which had two live bands and we had a fantastic time AND Simon had his photo taken with Crocodile Dundee's Paul Hogan!!!

We're now in Brisbane and will be moving on down to Sydney in the next couple of weeks to look for work but we'll keep you all updated.

Take care
Emma and Simon