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emandsi’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 29 Jan 2006

Location: Sydney and The Blue Mountains, Australia

MapHi all, we hope you're all keeping well!!

After Brisbane we went to Byron Bay which was yet another generic little holiday makers town which Australia seems to excel at. There were many bars, surfing and Shane Warne-alikes which was amusing to start with, 2 months ago, but has started to get slightly wearing so we decided to retire to the mountains and visited the small town of Nimbin. Nimbin held a hippy festival about 30 years ago and the party-going tree-huggers enjoyed themselves so much that they decided to stay. Over the years Nimbin changed from a normal mountain town into an alternative haven where the cafes reek of marijuana and every other shop is a hippy museum or art gallery. We enjoyed it so much we camped for a few days.

After Nimbin we decided it was time for a big city so hot-footed it down to Sydney and we've enjoyed every touristy minute of it (although our feet scream in agony evrynight due to the amount of walking we've been getting in). The Sydney Opera House is pretty impressive but the Harbour Bridge is really magnificent, you've all seen the pictures, similar to the Tyne Bridge but probably 5 times bigger and as it's not geordie, much more special!!

Once we'd had enough of the city we spent a few nights in the Blue Mountains, just 2 hours out of the city. The Blue Mountains had spectacular views and the hiking was brilliant. Emma clambered onto the edge of a cliff with a 300m drop for the photo on the Blue Mountains photo page whilst Simon almost passed out before regaining his composure to take the photo.

We're now back in Sydney but fly to New Zealand in the morning so we'll get back to you once we've sampled the delights of Kiwi Land!

Take Care

Love Em and Si