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April’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Nov 2005

Location: My House - Gent, Belgium

MapIT'S SNOWING!!!! LIKE - REALLY SNOWING!!! This is sooo amazing - and completely unexpected for this time of year!! My windowsill is covered in snow, the road is covered in snow, the cars are covered in snow, and if I stick my hand out the window I CAN EAT THE SNOW!!!
I was told it would only snow a couple of days while I was here for winter. It started snowing really lightly when I was walking back from uni this afternoon, and I was thinking THAT was cool... but now it is these HUGE snowflakes just floating down the street... I have never been in a city where I could watch the weather change over a few months to snow... aaahhhh!!!! p.s Gina and my housemate Marieken think I am crazy because I am so amazed that its snowing....hhmmm...