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April’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Dec 2005

Location: Germany and Gent, Belgium

MapHello! Hopefully just a short entry... if I can do that... sorry, I have a tendency to keep writing when I do these things, but don't worry - you won't have to put up with it much longer because I'm coming back to Oz!!! I have to be short though, because I HAVE to STUDY!!! AAHH

Ok - so I went to Krefeld in Germany last weekend to visit Valerie, and it was soo fun! It was really cool to see her after so long, and it was like no time had passed at all :). Valerie and her boyfriend Marion picked me up from the train station and we ended up going to a friend of their's 21st that night - a REAL German house party! (I talked to a few of their friends... later found out they had no idea what I was saying because they didn't understand my accent!)Then on Sunday Valerie and I went into Dusseldorf to the Christmas markets - they were AMAZING! The atmosphere everywhere was so cool. I don't have time or space to write everything down, but these markets were HUGE and everyone was drinking Gluwhein and eating crepes and Bratworst!! Sausages were everywhere! I tried one on Monday (yes, they are pretty good) and we got pretzels at the market and sugared almonds. Time went SO fast. Oh - and it was FREEZING cold! It was -3 degrees, and I had on 7 layers of clothes and two pairs of gloves. It's so cold that Valerie uses the balcony as a spare fridge - they just leave everything covered up outside!

It's funny because I never had any desire to actually travel in Germany (despite seeing Valerie!) but I have changed my mind! I want t come back and see more of it - everything is so detailed and interesting because it is unique to Germany. It was a great weekend, and I can't wait to see Valerie in Australia SOON!

Other than that I stressed out a bit because the uni gave me 4 days notice for an exam I had Wednesday, and three of those days I was in Germany.. but I did it, and I can't believe now I only have 2 exams and I have completed my degree!!! You have no idea how relieving that will be :)

Francesca and Guiseppe had a Christmas party last night, and it was sooo fun! I made scones to take (!) I know.. not exactly Australian, but easy to pre-prepare and carry over there. We just had a great night - there were people from all over the place there - but everyone is leaving! I am going to miss them all sooo much - but I am planning to go to Italy and Germany now in the European summer of 2007 - anyone want to join me?!
After the party (where somehow everyone ended up in the bath tub at one point, I blow-dried a couple of people's hair(no matter what country I am in - I always end up doing people's hair?!), we perfected a cheerleader pyramid and took a ton of photos), we went into 'Overpoort' the going out area, to a bar called Tequilla. I have never experienced 'dancing' like that of my Italian friends... apparently 'dancing' is jumping up and down and on top of people - not like moshing, more like when you are in a jumping castle and you can't help landing on people as you come down from the air... only this is on purpose!!!! hahahahahaha. SOO funny.

SO now, I have only ONE WEEK LEFT IN GENT. It is sooo scary! I am trying to do everything, and study for my final exams (that part really isn't going so great.. especially when you don't come home until 5am). I am hoping to go to a music gallery in Brussels this weekend, but I really don't know if I will get time now - I just can't believe the end is soo near!!! Well, hope you are all well - if you don't hear from me for a while - it is because I am trying not to procrastinate by writing on here... but you never know :) Hope all is good!! See you soon!!