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April’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Dec 2005

Location: Gent!, Belgium

MapI AM ALMOST FINISHED!!! The last few days I have been a little neurotic, as I'm sure my friends everywhere and family can tell you - or you probably know yourself, because my life as I know it is ending! Everything is the 'last' of everything - even as I write I am taking a short break from studying for my LAST LAW EXAM EVER. In retrospect, this whole degree has been much more of a struggle than I have allowed myself to admit, for more reasons than just the fact that I've been studying law full time year round for far longer than is sane. Anyway - I am excited to go to Greece, I am sad to leave Gent, I am relieved to go home, I am overjoyed to be finishing studying and I am upset that I am saying goodbye to friends I have only just come to know... maybe this helps explain the neurosis??!!!

Anyway, now that I just have this exam to go I can finally start to get excited about Greece!! I leave Gent at 4am Saturday and my cousins are coming into Athens to pick me up! It's going to be so great - they are taking me on a whirlwind tour of Greece, somewhere I have wanted to go to forever and we will be spending Christmas on the island of Corfu! Then, after Corfu, we'll be hitting up Thessaloniki, Trikala, Meteora and then back to Athens. It's going to be soo great, and I am really looking forward to this as a holiday to celebrate the end of my time in Europe and my degree.

SOOO in the past few days I have still managed to do a lot of things, including going out to dinner on Tuesday night with my 3 Belgian housemates :) Then we all went and had 'hot chocolade' and watched everyone at the ice skating rink - willing someone to fall down! Some distant relatives of my Grandpa on my Dad's family also kindly came to Gent yesterday and took me out to lunch at a gorgeous Brasserie I didn't even know existed! It was sooo interesting meeting Mark and Marion because although we have never met, they told me all sorts of fascinating stories about members of my family and the life of my Grandpa who died when Nikki and I were only a few weeks old. It was really fabulous meeting them and such a unique experience, considering something like that would never have happened had I been just travelling through Europe. Plus it was refreshing to hear some of their views on Belgium as a nation - things I thought only I was thinking!

Ok - back to studying for my FINAL EXAM IN LAW EVER!!!! Hopefully I'll be adding a few quick entries here and there, but if I don't get a chance PRETTIGE KERSTDAGEN! (Merry Christmas in Flemish), HAPPY HANNUKAH AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!!! All of my love from just a website away... April xoxoxox